Growth hormone course for muscle gain

Getting a muscular, sculptered body is a natural desire of every athlete. It is possible to achieve certain results through the healthy diet and strength exercises, but growth hormone will help to significantly speed up this process. A unique substance, artificially synthesized, the second important anabolic hormone after testosterone, completely repeats the natural human growth hormone somatotropin and contributes to the achievement of many effects, including muscle gain and fat burning.

Expected Effects

Growth hormone has different properties, but the most popular in sports include:

  • muscle gain, including due to muscle hyperplasia;
  • fat burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • body relief improvement;
  • anti-catabolic effect (prevents the destruction of muscles);
  • acceleration of the healing and recovery process after injuries.

These results can be achieved through a correctly formulated course of somatotropin.

Recommendations for use

Growth hormone can be used SOLO and in combination, for example, with anabolic steroids. Let’s consider a course consisting only of growth hormone:

  • The duration of the course can vary from three to six months. This is the optimal period, which is enough to see a noticeable effect. A longer course causes the body to get used to GH and to stop showing proper results. Moreover, some side effects may occur, after which a post-course therapy is required (this applies mainly to taking non-quality drugs with unsatisfactory purity, after the use of which antibodies can be produced even to the own growth hormone);
  • The first week of the course should begin with a dosage of 5 UNITS / day of the drug. It is rational to make one injection in the morning, immediately after waking up. This time is most favorable for the injection, since the concentration of glucose in the blood is low;
  • The first week of the course is experimental. If during this time the reaction of the body to the administration of growth hormone is adequate, then the dosage can be increased to 10 units / day. It is optimal to do 2 injections per day, 5 units per 1 time. The first administration is also after sleep, the second after training, or in the middle of the day, during low blood sugar (at least 1-1.5 hours before meals, and after 1.5-2 hours after meals). Or before bedtime;
  • Sports nutrition and specialized training will help you get the most out of your course (take protein supplements, amino acids, BCCAs).

Another useful tips

When using growth hormone in the amount of 10 units / day, during an extended period, it may be necessary to administer insulin to normalize blood glucose levels and reduce the load on the pancreas. It is also possible to take thyroid hormones to support the thyroid gland. If your course is less than 2-3 months, then taking the above drugs is not necessary.

In addition, growth hormone can be used immediately after a course of exogenous testosterone, in order to consolidate the result and not lose quickly gained weight.

In order to significantly increase the effectiveness of growth hormone for gaining muscle mass, it is recommended to combine it with the intake of anabolic male hormones. As a result, a synergistic effect is achieved, that is, when the use of two drugs complement each other, and give a much greater result than the use of each drug separately. Dosages of growth hormone in this case remain the same as when taken separately.

Please note! The article has a purely informational subtext, and is not a call to action. Before using growth hormone, you should consult with a sports doctor so that he can accurately select the necessary dosages for you.

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